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Apostolic - This term has nothing to do with a Christian denomination named “Apostolic”, or the Catholic Church's concept of Apostolic, but is a broader moniker with strictly biblical reference.

Gospel Topics:

Disclaimer - This section only appears at the top of the glossary because it begins with “a”.  It is the some of the most advanced reading on this website.  It is intended for Christians interested in planting churches.




Church Planting – One-by-one

We have had people view the site and write in from places where there are no viable opportunities for Christian fellowship.  This spawned the Create Fellowship link.  This is an apostolic link because it involves at least evangelism, if not planting a church:  Even if that church is just you and your buddy that responded to the Gospel that you shared.  Apostolic issues like these revolve around planting churches where there aren’t any.


In support of church planting, we hope to restore the 5 fold ministry by restoring the lost office of the Apostle.  Then the apostles will restore the 5 fold ministry.  Instruction here toward that vision is provided in the context of the house or cell church setting with the following goals:


  1. Identifying
  2. Equipping




1. Foundations

Foundational structure and function in the first Church Plant (Acts 2) and beyond.

2. Types of Leaders

This chart gives a typological overview of the difference between Pastors and Apostles.  This may serve as a good introduction into apostolic issues for the churched in terms of challenging Pastor/Teacher-centric thinking.

3. Characteristics of Apostles

This second chart lists them with their bible references.

4. Cell House Churches

Laying a foundation for a Cell church planting.

5. Defining “the apostles teaching”

How the author personally arrived at his definition, and the definition itself.

6. Restoring the office of Apostle

How?  Inside and outside the church.

7. Failing Forward      

Every leader will fail, but the question is:  How gracefully?  Discover the keys to failing forward that any leader should know.

8. True Revival

Revival means something different to everyone.  What does it look like in the New Testament?

9. Creating a Culture

Apostles lay the cultural foundations of the church.

10. Church Government

Apostles lay the governmental foundations of the church.





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