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All these questions are addressed via layers of links in the “Steps to know God”.  That is why that document is the start page of this site.

  1. If Jesus is the only way, then do other good religious people burn in hell?  What about those who have not heard?
  2. If Jesus is the only way, then why are “Christians” no more moral than anyone else?
  3. It is so easy to be a Christian, what’s the point?  Why does God need another hypocrite?  (This was my response to the gospel presentations I received)
  4. If God can’t change, then why are there an Old and a New Testament? 
  5. All sin is the same in God’s eyes, so why should I worry?  I’ll never be perfect anyway.
  6. Why bother getting saved?  I’ll probably just lose my salvation anyway.  I could never obey the bible.
  7. A “personal relationship” with God seems pretty far-fetched.  You mean I have to hear God’s voice to go to heaven?  That’s crazy.  What do you mean?
  8. This site quotes the Bible as God’s one truth for all.  Why should I believe that?  The bible contradicts itself when it says that “no one has seen God”, but that Jesus is God.
  9. What about the Crusades?  The crusaders thought they were following Jesus.  They were Christians who were trying to spread the Gospel.


By Christians

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What’s wrong with today’s Gospel?


What is the REAL Gospel then?

The only way to really find out is to obey the gospel (2 Thessalonians 1:8)

For more research on what the Gospel is you can read a more scholarly debate on the matter.


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